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MacBook displays are cracking: Here’s What You Need to Know

M1 MacBook users have suddenly started complaining that their laptop screens are getting cracked. This has become a really serious problem for the M1 MacBook users. As we all know, M1 MacBook devices are really expensive, and we would definitely not want our laptop screens to get cracked all of a sudden. So, let us have a look at what actually is happening to these MacBook models and what we can do in order to protect our M1 MacBook screens from getting cracked.

There were multiple users who have repeatedly reported similar incidents of their M1 MacBook screens getting cracked. These people opened their laptops to get their job done, and they found that there were black lines and discoloration on the screen. The exact reason behind this is still not clear. The users have also reported that they had been quite particular about handling their laptop devices, and no external damages occurred as well.

What can be the reason behind the cracks in M1 MacBook devices?

There is no single cause of cracks in the laptop screens. The users have reported that there was no external force or pressure applied on the device. One cause could be the presence of dirt or debris in between the body and the screen when the screen was shut down. This could cause the screen to get cracked, especially if the laptop was shut down with a lot of force.

According to Apple support, this is the major reason behind the cracks. However, the dust particles were too small for the users to notice, and it is also quite difficult for the users to prevent such damage from occurring in the future. This is being considered as a major drawback of the M1 MacBook devices.

Some users are also under the impression that the cracks are being caused because of the frame of the MacBook. The frame that is attaching the screen is not strong enough to safeguard the force experienced when the lid of the laptop is being shut. However, we do not think this reason to be a very genuine one as the other laptops from MacBook series have similar frames, and there were no such issues reported on those devices.

How can the cracked MacBook screen be repaired?

Some lucky users were able to get the screen repaired free of cost from Apple support. However, in most of the cases, Apple support has claimed that it was caused because of external damage, and Apple is not responsible for it. In such cases, the user needs to get in touch with an authentic MacBook repair service centre who can get the screen repaired at a competitive price. However, it is very important for you to check the reputation of the store before availing of the services. There are a lot of stores that offer services which are not up to the mark. You should try to stay away from those stores and go to a reputable store.

So, visit our MacBook repair store today itself and get your laptop repaired at an affordable price.

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