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Welcome to Tech4service Ltd, your go-to destination for Computer Repair in Edmonton. With our skilled technicians and commitment to excellence, we ensure your tech needs are met promptly and professionally.

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Why Chose Us?

In today’s digital age, technology plays a pivotal role in our daily lives. Firstly, from office tasks to personal communication, we heavily rely on our devices. Secondly, when these devices malfunction, finding a reliable Computer Repair in Edmonton becomes crucial. At Tech4service, we understand this need. Therefore, we strive to provide top-notch Computer Repair services in Edmonton to keep you connected.

Availability and Speed

We Come to YOU

You can request same-day service, and we guarantee to have a technician at your door that very same day!

No Surprises

Enjoy hassle-free same day service with the assurance of a technician promptly arriving at your doorstep!

On Call 7 Days

Tech4Service's On Call 7 Days brings solutions directly to you, fixing issues on the spot.

Quality and Reliability

Same Day Service

Same day service guaranteed! Our technicians will be at your door in no time

Fixed Right, the First Time

Experience our expertise: Fixed right, first time, every time, guaranteed.

Fair Dinkum Technicians

Our Fair Dinkum Technicians provide prompt, reliable, and efficient solutions for your needs

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Our Services

Not only are we a leading name for Computer Repair in Edmonton, but also, we specialize in data recovery. Furthermore, we ensure your valuable information remains intact. Moreover, beyond just computer repairs, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive networking solutions, ensuring you stay connected in this ever-evolving digital environment.

About Us

Our Company Services and Features / Computer Repair in Edmonton

We are the right choice for computer repairs in Edmonton. Tech4Service offers professional repair services for both home and business.
Our certified technicians specialize in computer repairs, including hardware repairs. Whether you’re experiencing issues with your monitor or need replacement parts, we will come to your location to fix the problem. We also provide excellent repair services for PCs and Apple computers.
Tech4Service strives to offer the best prices for repairs in Edmonton, regardless of the type of issue you’re facing—whether it’s hardware, software, or general repairs. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and our excellent service reflects that. We never proceed with any repairs without informing you of the costs involved. Give us a call to fix your computer issues!
Computer repair in Edmonton
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30 Day Warranty

Benefit from our 30-Day Warranty on all standard repairs. Your device undergoes thorough testing upon completion, ensuring your satisfaction. We're here to support you in case any issues arise, providing you with peace of mind.

Trust Your Experience

Benefit from our 30-Day Warranty on standard repairs. Our vast experience with over 30,000 fixed computers, laptops, and networks has led to valuable insights and expertise. Count on our skilled technicians.

Free Estimates

Unsure about whether your device is worth fixing? No worries! Receive a FREE Estimate, empowering you to make an informed decision. Don't rush into purchasing a new device without first getting a repair quote for your current one.

Executive Team

1st Class - Computer Repair in Edmonton

Computer Repairing Edmonton West
Ray berro

Ray, with 19 years’ experience, holds a License Technique and 9 certifications: Microsoft (MCP, MCSA, MCSE), Cisco (CCNA), A+, & Linux (LPI).

Best Laptop Repair Shop Edmonton
Moe Altassi

Moe, adores Edmonton and its computer repair needs! 12+ years serving this amazing community!

Best Computer Repair Shop Edmonton

Business Administration Bachelor. L1/L2 Tech Support. On-Site & Remote Repair.

Best Macbook Repairing Edmonton

Expert in computer repair. IMAC specialist (Windows, Mac, Linux). Network, Security, Servers, & more. Proudly serving Edmonton!

Computer Repair Edmonton

14+ years in IT. Holds B.Sc. in Computer Application, M.Sc. in Computer Science. Certified RHCE, CCNA, A+.

Call today at 780-264-9262​!

Our dedicated technicians are ready to assist you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Computer Repair in Edmonton - Tech4Service

Indeed, we possess the capability to recover data from hard drives that won’t boot, emit clicking sounds, or show no power. Our expertise extends to rescuing valuable information from seemingly challenging situations. Trust us to retrieve your data and provide you with a reliable solution, regardless of the issue your hard drive may be experiencing.

In Canada, the hourly rate for a data recovery professional typically ranges from $120 to $300. However, at our company, we offer a flat rate for data recovery services up to stage 1, 2, and 3.

Stage 1 involves simpler data recovery cases, such as accidental file deletions or software-related issues. For this stage, we charge a fixed rate, ensuring transparency and predictability for our customers.

Stage 2 encompasses more complex data loss situations, including hardware failure or corrupted storage media. We continue to provide our services at a flat rate for this stage, taking into account the additional expertise and resources required.

Stage 3 represents the most challenging cases, such as severe physical damage to the storage device or extensive data reconstruction. Despite the increased complexity, we maintain our commitment to a flat-rate approach, offering our customers a clear understanding of the cost involved.

By adopting a flat-rate pricing model, we aim to provide our clients with affordable and reliable data recovery solutions without any hidden fees. We believe in transparency and prioritize delivering excellent service while ensuring the security and retrieval of your valuable data. Please reach out to us with specific details about your data loss situation, and we will gladly provide you with an accurate quote for our professional data recovery services.

We completely understand your concern. Rest assured, we offer backup evaluations and customized plans to ensure your business’s server data is securely backed up. Our expert team can assess your backup needs and implement an effective and reliable backup solution for all your critical data. Feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in safeguarding your valuable information.

The standard rate for computer repair services is $75 per hour on average.

If your laptop’s hard drive doesn’t work, it is generally better to replace the hard drive rather than buying a new laptop.

Estimates are free, and we will contact you before any work is done.

Yes, we have PC and Mac specialists available. They can repair any issue and set up a “heterogeneous” network, allowing both Macs and PCs to work on the same network.

Tech4service is the premier computer repair and data recovery service in Edmonton, trusted and relied upon by the community.

Contact us at 780-264-9262 to book an appointment for our technicians, who are on standby to provide computer repair services in Edmonton. Call us today!

Happy Customers

Computer Repair in Edmonton - Tech4Service

In conclusion, our clients’ satisfaction remains our utmost priority. For instance, each testimonial reflects our commitment to excellence in Computer Repair in Edmonton. Additionally, our dedication to meeting client needs is evident in every feedback. Overall, we take immense pride in the positive reviews we receive, pushing us to continuously elevate our services.

Eric Macdonald
Eric Macdonald
Very fast and professional.
Buc Elkhatib
Buc Elkhatib
The best computer repair in town fast reliable and honest
Francesca Adaobi
Francesca Adaobi
10/10, my laptop’s hinge was broken but it’s now perfectly good in 1 day , all thanks to tech4service :)
yq dlw
yq dlw
I have an Ubuntu system installed on my laptop, which recently encountered complex issues, including SSD corruption. After many unsuccessful attempts to resolve these problems myself, I was fortunate to find Tech4Service. Ray is absolutely professional and I was able to get back my laptop in just 24 hours with everything fully recovered. Not only is he highly efficient, but he is also easy to communicate. He answered all my questions about the cause of the corruption and the discussion with him enhanced my understanding of how to choose a suitable computer. Ray kindly offered additional assistance on properly installing the Ubuntu system free of charge, which I really appreciate.
kris button
kris button
Expert service, extremely fast and pricing was good too. Highly recommend
Some Person (hilowcanugo)
Some Person (hilowcanugo)
He gets the job done. That’s why he’s 3 stars. However given the fact that some reviews say the prices are low? Pretty redundant. If you have the time visit another place. The charge he gives is exorbitant compared to companies like Best Buy.
Haley Kuchar
Haley Kuchar
Great service and very affordable! I was nervous going to somebody’s home business but it was very nice and comfortable.


Computer Repair in Edmonton - Tech4Service

Technology is ever-evolving, and staying updated is essential. For one thing, at Tech4service, we not only offer Computer Repair in Edmonton but also share our knowledge about the latest tech trends. On the other hand, our blog serves as a platform for tech enthusiasts and customers alike. Consequently, here are some of our latest articles that might pique your interest.


Computer Repair in Edmonton - Tech4Service

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