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Eric Macdonald
Eric Macdonald
Very fast and professional.
Buc Elkhatib
Buc Elkhatib
The best computer repair in town fast reliable and honest
Francesca Adaobi
Francesca Adaobi
10/10, my laptop’s hinge was broken but it’s now perfectly good in 1 day , all thanks to tech4service 🙂
yq dlw
yq dlw
I have an Ubuntu system installed on my laptop, which recently encountered complex issues, including SSD corruption. After many unsuccessful attempts to resolve these problems myself, I was fortunate to find Tech4Service. Ray is absolutely professional and I was able to get back my laptop in just 24 hours with everything fully recovered. Not only is he highly efficient, but he is also easy to communicate. He answered all my questions about the cause of the corruption and the discussion with him enhanced my understanding of how to choose a suitable computer. Ray kindly offered additional assistance on properly installing the Ubuntu system free of charge, which I really appreciate.
kris button
kris button
Expert service, extremely fast and pricing was good too. Highly recommend
Some Person (hilowcanugo)
Some Person (hilowcanugo)
He gets the job done. That’s why he’s 3 stars. However given the fact that some reviews say the prices are low? Pretty redundant. If you have the time visit another place. The charge he gives is exorbitant compared to companies like Best Buy.
Haley Kuchar
Haley Kuchar
Great service and very affordable! I was nervous going to somebody’s home business but it was very nice and comfortable.
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Comprehensive Network Solutions: Tech4Service in Edmonton


Are you in search of reliable network solutions? Tech4Service offers wired and wireless network solutions that align with your business’s strategic objectives, ensuring lasting effectiveness over time.

Empowering Your Business with Comprehensive Network Design

Our network solutions incorporate your business’s strategic objectives into the design, optimizing wired and wireless networks for maximum efficiency. The comprehensive network design will:

  • Address network security concerns and provide effective mitigation strategies
  • Determine the optimal location for wired and wireless infrastructure
  • Present a detailed report and map of the proposed infrastructure as an architectural deployment plan
  • Provide clear IP addressing structures for seamless network management

Resolving Internet Connection Issues with Tech4Service

Experiencing difficulty establishing or maintaining an internet connection? Tech4Service’s network solutions can diagnose and fix the problem swiftly. Whether your connection is slow or disrupted, we analyze and troubleshoot to provide the best course of action for optimal performance. From streaming movies on Netflix to playing online games, we have the answers to resolve your connection issues promptly.

Seamless Wireless Coverage with Custom Surveys

For seamless wireless coverage, Tech4Service conducts wireless surveys tailored to your environment’s specific needs. Our surveys ensure that your wireless infrastructure is perfectly suited for present and future demands.

Connecting You Anywhere, Anytime

Tech4Service network solutions extend beyond conventional boundaries. If you lack an internet provider in your area or struggle with wireless connectivity in your warehouse, we have the solution: “point-to-point link.” By connecting points with an existing internet connection to those without, we deliver internet access to multiple sites while streamlining your billing process.


Tech4Service provides comprehensive network solutions in Edmonton, aligning your network design with strategic business goals. Say goodbye to internet connection woes as our expert technicians swiftly diagnose and fix issues, ensuring optimal performance. Benefit from seamless wireless coverage with custom surveys tailored to your environment. With “point-to-point link” solutions, we expand your connectivity options, ensuring a smooth and efficient network experience. Trust Tech4Service for all your network needs and experience unmatched excellence in network solutions.

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