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ARE YOU LOOKING for Network Solutions?

For wired or wireless networks to provide true value to the business, Tech4service Network Solutions incorporate your businesses strategic objectives into the design to ensure solutions are even more effective over time.

A comprehensive network design will:

  • Highlight network security concerns and mitigation,
  • Define the optimum location of your wired/wireless infrastructure,
  • Provide a detail report and map of the proposed infrastructure to use as an architectural deployment plan,
  • Provide clear IP addressing structures,

If you are suddenly having difficulty establishing an internet connection, or if your connection is annoyingly slow.

Tech4Service network solutions  can determine what the problem is and either fix it or suggest the best course of action to get you the performance you desire. If you are trying to stream movies on Netflix or trying to play online games. Regardless of what the problem is, we can provide you with an answer  how to fix it. We will test your bandwidth to determine how fast your connection is, and go through advanced troubleshooting methods on our way to solving your connection issues.


We can perform a wireless survey to address the specific coverage needs of your environment to ensure it is fit for purpose now and well into the future.

you don’t have internet provider in your area
You can’t reach the wireless in your warehouse
Tech4Service Network Solutions can help you get connected with any computer and to any service provider. Just think of us as your own personal experts in getting connected
point to point link is the solution )
first point which currently has an Internet connection with another Point that does not. This provides Internet to multiple sites while only paying one bill.

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