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Data Backup Edmonton

Your data is everything you do. Whether for laptop, desktop computer,external hard drive, tablet or smartphone, Tech4service can help set up a backup plan so that your documents and data are always protected.

Data backup is not just something for big companies. Think of all your personal information, photographs, and documents that could be lost in an moment, and you’ll understand why recommend a regular backups of your data is so important.

Your Data is Always Safe and Secure

Should there be any crashes or issues that cause you to lose data, your backups are always available for immediate access. Even if you lose your computer completely, due to fire, your data can be restored to a new device or computer instantly, as soon as a replacement is located.

Some potential issues that would require


  • Accidental deletion of files or programs
  • Malicious deletion of files or programs
  • Virus or malware infection
  • Needing to restore access to previous versions of files in unwanted changes
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