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Computer viruses and malware are becoming far more prevalent than ever before. Unfortunately, your firewall or computer security software may not protect you from every possible threat. We Can help clean up your computer of unwanted software, restoring it to its original working condition so that you can get on with your life.

Signs of Malware

Virus Malware removal

Any of the following symptoms can be a sign your computer is infected:

  • Strange Messages from Windows
  • Annoying pop-ups
  • Anti-Virus Software is disabled
  • Slow computer performance
  • Unable to access common websites
  • Redirection to fake website
  • Random reboots while working
  • Very slow Internet browsing

Types of Computer Virus malware removal

Viruses come in many forms. Some are annoying, and some then can steal your personal information, passwords, identity, and finances. If your computer has been affected by any of these potential threats, you need to resolve it before the damage Malicious software, Trojan horses, viruses, adware, and spyware can enter your local network through many gateways, including: downloading from an E-mail or site Visiting sites that are only meant to steal your personal information or data.

Some tips to avoid malware and viruses include

Only download software and updates from sites you trust – Do not click on links in emails that look odd or suspicious, even if they are coming from ‘friends’. Your friend’s computer could have been infected! – Always read the terms and conditions before downloading new software – Limit the number of users who can access your computer – Ensure that when purchasing goods from the internet that you are on a secure connection (check the – – URL address at the top of your browser window: it should start with ‘HTTPS’)

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