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We provide full range Mac repair services for MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro Retina, MacBook Pro Touchbar, iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro. Our services include MacBook water damage repair, MacBook Pro graphics card issue repair, MacBook keyboard replacement, MacBook trackpad replacement, MacBook battery replacement, MacBook Pro SSD upgrade, MacBook screen repair, Mac data recovery, iMac repairs and more. We provide specialised repair services for MacBook logic boards at the chip level and significantly reduce electronic waste in Edmonton.

We provide an affordable alternative solution to Apple at a fraction of Apple’s quoted price.  If you have a faulty logic board in your Apple computer, don’t replace or bin it, REPAIR it. You will not only pay much less but also help to reduce electronic waste. We are based in Edmonton .

We provide free assessments and quotations. The majority of “Apple-Certified Dead Macs” are repairable. If your Apple computer is not economically repairable due to fatal damages such as CPU damage, you pay nothing. If you have a fatal-damaged logic board but your MacBook screen, keyboard, SSD drive are all working fine, you may consider our logic board replacement service before buying a new Mac laptop

Love your Apple again.

Mac Repair Services :Apple users are passionate about their devices. Our Macs, iPhones and iPads have journeyed with us and been our dependable tech friend by our side through the many adventures of our lives. They’ve captured precious moments. Informed us about the world around us. Entertained us. Helped us. Explored with us.

We specialise in Mac repair at the chip (manufacturing) level. Countless MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs have been written off simply because of solely logic board failure, and this is a huge waste. With our Mac repair specialist service, the high-tech Mac logic board is no longer mysterious. The faulty logic boards can be economically repaired

The experienced and friendly technicians at Tech4Service are experts in mac repair, including iMac repair and MacBook repair, and explain everything to you in simple, every day language. No tech speaks. No confusing computer jargon. Just straightforward Mac repairs without the waffle.
Additionally, all our work is guaranteed, meaning you can relax knowing that your Mac is in safe hands.
As well as standard repairs and troubleshooting, Tech4Service  can also assist you with:

Are you an Apple authorised service provider?

No. Every time a faulty logic board is repaired, Apple loses an opportunity to sell you a new laptop. In this sense, we are indirectly a competitor to Apple by saving you money. Under Apple’s current repair policy, an authorized repairer is NOT allowed to repair the logic board, ONLY allowed to replace it if a “refurbished” logic board is available from Apple.

Since Mac logic board repair is our specialty, we will not give up our specialty in order to become an authorized repairer. We are proud to say that we provide specialist Macbook repair services in Edmonton .

MacBook Repairs Outline | two-level repair process

1. Basic MacBook repairs:

An Apple laptop consists of the following parts: screen, keyboard, touchpad, battery, hard drive, Wifi card, logic board, and connecting cables. The objective is to identify the faulty part and replace it. This part-replacing type of MacBook repairs are relatively simple and can be done in one business day if the spare parts in stock.

We offer competitive prices for the following MacBook repairs in Edmonton:

MacBook screen replacement or repair , MacBook keyboard replacement, MacBook battery replacement , MacBook trackpad replacement or repair,MacBook SSD upgrades  and data recovery ,Mac data backup and OS reload MacBook Wifi card replacement, MacBook USB & I/O board replacement ,MacBook logic board replacement. imac repair services ,Virus removal, New Mac set-ups, plus email and wireless network configuration

Are you a small to medium-sized business that operates a network of Mac computers? If so, our Mac repair service is perfect for you. We can tackle any problems quickly and efficiently, helping to minimize downtime and ensure business continuity.

Let us worry about time consuming computer and IT issues while you concentrate on core business activities.

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