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Eric Macdonald
Eric Macdonald
Very fast and professional.
Buc Elkhatib
Buc Elkhatib
The best computer repair in town fast reliable and honest
Francesca Adaobi
Francesca Adaobi
10/10, my laptop’s hinge was broken but it’s now perfectly good in 1 day , all thanks to tech4service :)
yq dlw
yq dlw
I have an Ubuntu system installed on my laptop, which recently encountered complex issues, including SSD corruption. After many unsuccessful attempts to resolve these problems myself, I was fortunate to find Tech4Service. Ray is absolutely professional and I was able to get back my laptop in just 24 hours with everything fully recovered. Not only is he highly efficient, but he is also easy to communicate. He answered all my questions about the cause of the corruption and the discussion with him enhanced my understanding of how to choose a suitable computer. Ray kindly offered additional assistance on properly installing the Ubuntu system free of charge, which I really appreciate.
kris button
kris button
Expert service, extremely fast and pricing was good too. Highly recommend
Some Person (hilowcanugo)
Some Person (hilowcanugo)
He gets the job done. That’s why he’s 3 stars. However given the fact that some reviews say the prices are low? Pretty redundant. If you have the time visit another place. The charge he gives is exorbitant compared to companies like Best Buy.
Haley Kuchar
Haley Kuchar
Great service and very affordable! I was nervous going to somebody’s home business but it was very nice and comfortable.

Expert Mac Repair Services in Edmonton: Tech4Service—Your Trusted Wizards



Experience the enchantment of top-notch Mac repair services with Tech4Service, where magic and expertise converge to breathe new life into your Apple devices. Our team of adept wizards in Edmonton understands the deep bond between users and their MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads. These loyal companions have captured our treasured memories, enlightened us about the world, entertained us, and supported us in every endeavor. At Tech4Service, we go beyond mere repairs; we help our clients set new standards of excellence in the digital realm.


Unlock the Secrets of Specialized Mac Repair Services in Edmonton

Discover the mystique of Tech4Service’s specialized Mac repair services, where our skilled wizards excel in the ancient art of chip-level repairs. Often, faulty logic boards lead to the untimely demise of otherwise fully functional MacBooks. Fear not, for our adept sorcery can revive these critical components, reducing electronic waste and fostering a greener environment in Edmonton.


Affordable Enchantments: Cost-Effective Mac Repairs

Escape the spell of exorbitant Apple repair costs! Tech4Service unveils an enchanting alternative, offering remarkable repair services at budget-friendly rates. Don’t hastily discard a faulty logic board—allow our adept sorcery to mend it, saving your valuable resources and fostering environmental harmony. Our cost-effective enchantments are all brewed locally in Edmonton, where magic truly happens.


Expert Mac Repairs by Friendly Wizards

Prepare to be charmed by our coven of expert and friendly wizards at Tech4Service, who unravel the mysteries of Mac repairs, including MacBook and iMac wizardry. Our spellbinding mission is to translate technical complexities into the language of everyday enchantments, banishing bewildering jargon from our repertoire. Rest assured, your cherished Mac is under a powerful protection spell with our fully guaranteed work.


Unfolding the Pages of the Macbook Repair Grimoire

Within the ancient grimoire of Tech4Service lies a compendium of comprehensive MacBook repairs. Witness the magic firsthand with our enchanting services:

  • MacBook Screen Enchantment and Restoration
  • MacBook Keyboard Conjuration
  • MacBook Battery Revival
  • MacBook Trackpad Resurrection
  • MacBook SSD Upgrades and Data Retrieval Charms
  • Mac Data Backups and OS Renewal Enchantments
  • MacBook WiFi Card Rejuvenation
  • MacBook USB & I/O Board Revival
  • MacBook Logic Board Resurrection
  • iMac Repair Enchantments
  • Virus Banishing Spells
  • New Mac Set-ups, Email, and Wireless Network Conjurings

A Daring Rivalry with Apple’s Spells

Prepare for a magical duel! At Tech4Service, we embrace a daring rivalry with Apple, offering sustainable solutions. As enchanted specialists in Mac logic board repair, we reduce electronic waste and bewitch you with cost-effective options. While authorized spellcasters may replace logic boards with “refurbished” ones, our incantations focus on mending these components, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and environmental harmony.


Potent Potions for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Attention, small to medium-sized businesses with a network of Mac computers! Seek solace in Tech4Service, the perfect potion for your tech needs. Our mystical prowess ensures swift and efficient problem-solving, minimizing downtime, and safeguarding seamless business continuity. Let us weave our magical spells, freeing you from time-consuming IT issues, as you concentrate on your core business alchemy.


Extensive Experience Across All Industries

With an enchanting touch, Tech4Service transcends barriers. Our extensive expertise spans industries worldwide, and we take pride in helping our clients set new standards of excellence. Allow us to infuse your Mac with our unparalleled magic, and experience the difference.



Unlock the secrets of your beloved Apple devices with Tech4Service—their trusted wizards in Edmonton. From arcane chip-level repairs to enchanting MacBook screen restorations and data retrieval charms, our expert magicians are dedicated to providing unparalleled service while promoting sustainability and reducing electronic waste. Choose us for cost-effective, eco-friendly Mac repair solutions that will rekindle your love for Apple devices like never before. Let us bewitch your Mac, while you experience the magic of setting new standards of excellence across industries.


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