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Data Recovery Edmonton

  • When a hard drive experiences a mechanical failure, dust and dirt can interfere with the recovery process, so T4S engineers perform recoveries from mechanical issues in a specially sanitized clean room.
  • Drive Imaging: To ensure the most complete recovery, all hard drives we work on are imaged to a full working environment.
  • Specialist tools: When a hard drive is damaged, that damage prevents the drive from being read. T4S Data Recovery has developed specialist tools that read around the damaged areas to recover the contents of the whole drive.

Ransomware Recovery

We offer ransomware recovery services and have successfully recovered from ransomware infections including Cryptolocker, Arrow, JAVA, UHV, DMA, XTBL, Kyra, Thor, Lucky, CrytpoMIX, Microsoft Crypto, Arena, Nuclear, Aleta, , NuroRing, NM4, Gryphon, BTC, and Zepto amongst others

Hard Drive Recovery

Tech4Service recovers data from hard drives with faulty read write heads, spindle motor seizure, faulty controller PCB’s, deleted, lost or formatted data, bad sectors, firmware failure and corrupt file systems.

Apple Mac Recovery

Data loss is heart-breaking and can be very costly! Tech4Service Data recovery can help by offering a free evaluation at the best price.

Please, do not try this at home

Attempting to recover data from a damaged or compromised drive on your own may damage the drive even more and lose more data. T4S  has years of experience, research, and dedication to data recovery. The best help you can give yourself in this situation is to let us help you!

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