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Data Protection Tips You Need to Consider Right Now

In today’s technological world, it is imperative to protect sensitive data from intruders by using sound practices. Many businesses prefer to keep their financial information, personal data, and passwords secure so that they will not affect the working and growth of their business. We offer services to repair your computer and also ensure that your computer is now free from any malware threats. This has also been ensured to our customers that your software and hardware issues have been resolved to use the Internet securely. We have gathered some information on how to protect your data by implementing best practices and also keeping your data privacy from cyber-attacks.

Protecting Your Data and Networks

Let us look at some of the information or tips on protecting your data in today’s scenario.

  • Use a Firewall

Firewalls help in resisting malicious programs, spyware, or viruses before the infiltration of your system happens. Hardware-protecting firewalls are more effective as compared to software-based firewalls as they provide a much better security level to your system. Hence, a firewall enhances the security level of your network or system to prevent your data from getting breached.

  • Backup Your Information

Backing up information is the easiest and most basic technique to protect your data. The main advantage of backing up your data is to prevent it from getting stolen by anyone else if your device has been lost or stolen. This technique is also used in handheld devices to store your data on your drive. If, in case, your mobile phone has been lost or stolen by someone else, then you do not need to worry about your sensitive data.

  • Secure Your VPN at Your Organization or Home

It has been highly recommended for both individuals and business owners to secure their network or VPN with the help of two-factor authentication. This enables authorized users to secure their network with the passwords that come on their email and mobile phones. Due to this, unauthorized users do not hijack your system as he has no access to this. This has also been recommended to the users that you do not need to share your wi-fi information like password and user name to anyone as this is also stealing your personal information without your knowledge. You also need to change your network password on a regular basis so that no one will get access to your network easily.

  • Encrypting Your Information on USB Disks

In case, if your computer becomes stolen or lost, you need to store or encrypt your data on USB drives so that the attackers do not harm your information and misuse it. This technique helps the user to access all the stored information by plugging USB drives into another device. We are also protecting your data with the help of encrypting your USB disk. This will make it difficult for cyber attackers to decrypt your sensitive information.


Tech4Service specializes in both home and business computer services. Having expertise in data protection services, it manages data recovery in Edmonton to prevent your sensitive data by backing it up on USB disks and drives.

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