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Hard Drive Clicking Sound – Causes and Solutions

Hearing the sound of Click, Click, Click from your hard drive is an indicator of serious trouble. It can remove your precious data forever and affect the functionality of the hard drive as well.

Every clicking sound of a hard drive is not dangerous for your data and you can quickly fix the issues. However, sometimes, the clicking sound can cause serious and unrecoverable damage to your data and it can be lost forever.

If you are continuously hearing the clicking sound from your hard drive, then you have to find out the reason behind it. So, you can decide whether you need to call an expert or you can fix the issue yourself to save your data.

Hard drive clicking sound causes:

  1. Physical damage:

Physical damage is one of the common causes of the clicking sound of a hard drive. If you have accidentally dropped your hard drive or spill water on it, then it can cause serious damage to your hard drive and affect its functionality.

In such a scenario, you can detect the physical damage or apply some quick solution to fix the damage.

  1. Wear and tear:

Hard drives are not last forever. If you are using your hard drive for years and now it recently started clicking, then it is an indication that your hard drive is about the fail. You can’t do anything in such a situation as everything comes with an expiry date.

All you can do is transfer your data safely to a new hard drive to prevent data loss.

  1. Electrical problems:

Electrical problems can also cause the clicking sound of a hard drive. If the hard drive is connected with an alternative power source and not receiving proper or enough power supply due to the faulty power supply connection, then you can hear a clicking sound.

In such cases, you can simply test the power supply unit to ensure that there is no electrical error. Fixing your power connection will resolve this issue.

  1. Service area issue:

It is one of the common reasons for the clicking sound of a hard drive. In a portion of a hard drive, the manufacturer’s data is stored, which is also known as a service area. If this data gets damaged or deleted from your hard drive, then you may hear the clicking sound, and your hard drive will not work properly.

  1. Manufacturer’s defect:

The hard drive can fail due to the manufacturer’s default. Manufacturing errors, damaged parts, or firmware issues can cause a clicking sound. You can simply replace your new hard drive to fix this issue.

How to fix?

If you are not qualified in techniques, then it is always recommended to find an expert, which can identify the possible cause of the clicking sound and fix the issue immediately by controlling the damage.

Applying DIY tricks can remove your data forever and damage your hard drive as well. So, it is good to leave everything to the professionals to get an instant and effective solution.

In the nutshell: 

Let’s call the experts when you can’t fix the clicking sound with a quick check to get an immediate and safe solution.

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