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The Ultimate Guide to DC Jack Replacement for Your Laptop

Sometimes the laptop’s battery doesn’t charge, or the gadget does not drive up. Why does that happen? It may be because of a damaged DC jack. The DC jack is the port where the laptop’s power line connects. Over the long haul, successive use can make the jack to loosen, harm, or break altogether. In this blog, you’ll get to know about the necessary steps that are needed to replace the DC jack of your laptop. By using these steps carefully, a person can replace the DC jack easily if they have basic knowledge about laptop repair.

Necessary Steps to Follow in DC Replacement Process

Here are the steps that need to be followed in the process of DC replacement of your laptop.

Stage 1: Distinguish the kind of DC jack

Before buying another DC jack, you want to recognize the sort of jack you want. There are different sorts of DC jacks accessible on the lookout, and you should purchase the right one for your laptop. You can find the DC jack you want by checking the laptop’s model number or reaching the maker.

Stage 2: Set up the laptop

Before beginning the maintenance interaction, switch off your laptop and eliminate the battery. Then, remove the screws on the laptop’s bottom cover and delicately pry them off. Whenever you have eliminated the cover, you’ll approach the motherboard.

Stage 3: Find the DC jack

The DC jack is situated on the motherboard, and you’ll need to eliminate the board to get to it. Begin by eliminating any screws holding the motherboard setup. When the screws are removed, tenderly lift the motherboard from the laptop’s packaging.

Stage 4: Eliminate the old DC jack

Find the harmed DC jack on the motherboard and desolder it from the board. Utilize a fastening iron to warm the weld on the DC jack’s pins and eliminate it from the board. Be mindful so as not to harm the motherboard during this cycle.

Stage 5: Introduce the new DC jack

Whenever you have eliminated the old DC jack, now is the right time to introduce the upgraded one. Bind the new DC jack onto the motherboard by warming the weld on the pins and setting the new jack set up. Ensure the new jack is safely connected to the board and the weld is appropriately heated and liquefied.

Stage 6: Reassemble the laptop

After introducing the new DC jack, reassemble the laptop by supplanting the motherboard and bottom cover. Ensure you have fixed all screws and reconnected any links or wires you disengaged.

Stage 7: Test the laptop

Finally, test the laptop to guarantee the new DC jack works accurately. Reconnect the battery and plug in the laptop’s power rope if the laptop powers up and the battery charges. The new DC jack has been effectively introduced.


With the above guide to DC jack replacement, you can undoubtedly supplant the DC jack and immediately make your laptop back-ready. But considering an expert professional on to do it for you will be better if you are uncomfortable doing the tasks yourself.

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