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10 Ways to Determine Whether your Laptop Requires Repair

We often notice some abnormal laptop functioning but do not heed it until it affects our work, or the laptop crashes into some problem.

Or sometimes we try to master the laptop repairing skills with some DIY or learning things from the internet.

Nevertheless, all these practices can even bring more damage to the laptop. That is why everyone using it must know whether their laptops need repair or not.

Here we have listed some points that will help determine if your laptop needs professional repair.

  1. Blue screen of death:

It happens with Windows OS, where the laptop flashes an error message on a blue screen. These error messages warn the user about issues in the working of the OS, storage drive, or other crucial components.

You should first read and understand the error message and take help from windows troubleshooting software to perform recovery.

Yet if the problem does not resolve, it means your laptop requires repair.

  1. Unexpected or sudden shut down:

If your laptop suddenly shuts down between tasks, it might be because of a drained-out battery or some screen error.

But if you cannot see anything on the screen while the laptop is running, which happens repeatedly, some major issues in the hard drive require professional repair.

  1. Battery not charging:

Most probably, it happens either the adapter is not working, or the lifespan of the laptop battery is over or near to end.

Either the battery will charge slowly or will not charge and drain faster. All your laptop needs is a new battery. Besides, the OS generally warns about the battery life with an “X” mark on the battery icon.

Another reason can be a fault in the charging port, which requires professional repair.

  1. Heating Laptop:

Normally, laptops also get warm while running. But if your laptop gets extremely hot, even on a safe surface like a wooden desk, turn it off and check the reason for heating.

First, always use the laptop on a hard & flat surface and avoid things like a pillow restricting airflow.

It requires professional consultation if the battery and cooling components work normally and the laptop still gets extremely hot.

  1. Noisy laptop:

It can be because of a clogged fan, vent, or buildup inside your laptop. If possible, check which component is making noise, the fan or DVD-ROM drive, or the hard drive. If it’s not diagnosable, take professional help and repair your laptop.

  1. Connectivity issues:

In case your laptop shows frequent connectivity issues like Bluetooth devices or conning with WiFi or needs re-input of the network key, you must run troubleshooting and take help of “identify and repair network problems”.

But if the issues don’t resolve, your laptop needs repair.

  1. Un-responding Keyboard:

There can be many reasons for the keyboard not responding to typing. It can be due to dirt and dust, so clean it with a soft dry cloth. If you have removable key covers, try cleaning them individually. Check the keyboard status if you don’t see any damage to keys”. If there is some issue, the laptop requires professional repair.

  1. Problem with screen:

Any problem with the laptop screen is complicated, be it a cracked screen, blurry or pixelated screen. It would help if you did not wait or do anything at home as it requires only professional repair.

  1. Virus or Malware:

Usually, virus or malware attacks slow down the normal working or affect the laptop with unnecessary pop-ups, etc. In such a case, scan your entire system with antivirus software and restart the laptop after the scan. Remember to update the antivirus and backup your important files.

  1. Slow running programs:

When you notice slow starting and working of several programs, it’s time for system maintenance like Optimizing the hard drive, updating the browser, and deleting temporary files. But if it does not work, take your laptop for repair.


Presently laptops are new work partners for everyone, no matter whether people belong to a technical background or not. We can say that all our work can be halted in seconds if the laptop does not work.

So, don’t wait for your laptop to stop working and check these points to repair your laptop before some serious issues arise.

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