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15+ Best Bulk Email Services to try

E-mail marketing is one of the most powerful tools to grow a business on a global digital platform by building strong connections with customers. E-mail marketing allows businesses to connect with their audience directly to grow sales and profits.

Choosing the right e-mail platform is essential to get the best benefits of e-mail marketing for a business.

Here we have listed the top 15 best bulk email services to try for the best outcomes.

  1. AVADA Email:

It is one of the best platforms for even non-technical people. It is easy to use and operate. It provides amazing e-mail templates, which make e-marketing easy and effective.

  1. Mailgun:

You can use these e-mail marketing services to send bulk e-mails to your customers. The platform allows users to customize automation, tracking, and design according to their unique preferences.

  1. ActiveCampaign:

ActiveCampagin is the best e-mail service for small businesses. It offers different e-mail marketing plans to the users, which allows them to select the right plans to make e-mail marketing cost-effective for the business.

  1. Sendblaster:

If you want to manage a big batch of e-mails, then this platform will work amazingly for you. It allows users to effortlessly manage bulk e-mails and use different features to design and customize an e-mail marketing campaign.

  1. SendinBlue:

SendinBlue is another amazing e-mail marketing platform, which allows users to create attractive e-mails, SMS, and ads to promote their business using amazing tools.

  1. MailerQ:

Tracking the progress of your e-mail marketing campaign is essential to implement important changes. The platform offers the same to the users. You can track the real-time progress of your campaign and make e-mail marketing effective.

  1. Moosend:

Moosend is an amazing e-mail marketing platform, which not only allows businesses to send bulk e-mails but also offers additional services including SMS and ads to grow your business rapidly.

  1. PostyMan:

Enjoy different e-mail marketing tools with PostyMan. The platform offers different tools to the users, which allow them to customize the design and format of the e-mails to make them engaging and impactful.

  1. AWeber:

This e-mail marketing service allows users to enjoy amazing features with a free plan. You can easily use the attractive free tools and features to make your e-mail marketing campaign successful.

  1. Sparkpost:

SparkPost is an amazing e-mail marketing platform, which not only allows businesses to send bulk e-mails to customers for different purposes but also tracks incoming responses and attached files.

  1. Drip:

Drip helps businesses to understand the needs and requirements of their customers to create a personalized e-mail design. It will create a strong connection with your customers and grow your business.

  1. EasyMail7:

The platform is not only effective for sending bulk e-mails to target your customers, but it also allows businesses to save data securely. You will never lose your data and work on different mail servers easily.

  1. Constant Contact:

It is one of the cost-effective e-mail marketing platforms, which allows small businesses to discover attractive features and customized plans. You can effectively run a successful e-mail marketing campaign without worrying about your budget.

  1. Mailjet:

The platform allows small businesses to create and design customized e-mails according to their business needs to achieve amazing outcomes. You can design personalized e-mails and send them to your customers simply.

  1. ConvertKit:

It is one of the easiest and most popular e-mail marketing services, which allows people to manage a large sum of customers simply. You can use the free plan to discover amazing tools and features and run an effective e-mail marketing program.

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