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How to Protect and Fix Water Damaged MacBook?

Spilled water on your MacBook? Does your MacBook stop working? Water damage is one of the MacBook disasters, which can affect the functionality and performance of your device.

You can never predict accidents and control them, but you can control the damage as much as possible. If you spilled water on your MacBook, then firstly, you need to calm down and follow the right steps to minimize the damage and save your device.

Here we have discovered the top ways to protect and fix water-damaged MacBook.

  1. Switch off your device immediately:
    The first thing that you need to do after spilling water on your device is switched off the MacBook. Turning off the device will prevent further damage. You can simply shut down the device or directly turn it off by pressing the power button.
    Ensure, there is no noise from the cooling fan or other sounds. It will protect your data and software from any damage.
  1. Unplug the charger:
    If your device is connected to the power supply, then immediately unplug the charger along with turning off your MacBook. Shutting down the device will protect the software and data of the device. However, power connectivity increases the risk of battery damage.
    This is why you should unplug the charger to stop the power supply to your device to protect your battery from possible damage.
  1. Absorb the liquid:
    It is time to absorb the liquid from your device. Take a tissue paper or paper towel to absorb the liquid as quickly as possible. Place tissue paper on the keypad, screen, and touch bar and press gently. You can use a double layer of paper towel or tissue paper to ensure that there is no liquid left on your device.
    Ensure, you also pay attention to vent holes and clean your device properly to minimize the risk of damage.
  1. Dry the inside of the MacBook:
    Open the back case of your MacBook to dry the inside of the device. Drying the inside components of your MacBook is essential to prevent damage and protect the functionality and performance of your device.
    Use a microfiber cloth to clean the inside components of your MacBook and leave it open for a good time. You can also air dry the device to ensure that there is no moisture left.
  1. Turn on MacBook after drying out:
    It is time to turn on your device after drying out all the moisture. Before turning on your MacBook, ensure you do a quick inspection to ensure that there is no water left inside or outside of your MacBook as it can cause serious damage.
  1. Choose a Mac repair service:
    If your device is not working properly after turning it on, then it is time to get professional help. Visiting a reliable Mac repair store will help you in fixing the damage immediately and restore the functionality of your device.

Ensure, you don’t avoid even minor inconveniences as they can cause serious damage to your device in near future.

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