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How to Recover Data from Formatted Computer

One of the various methods you may have tried to re-partition your disc or get rid of problems like viruses or sluggish PC performance is formatting the computer. You might have lost your recently stored data before formatting the system, even if you have an old backup of the formatted disc.

You might believe that there is no hope left and that you cannot restore your data. That is not true, though, as there are ways to restore your data from a formatted computer.

Continue reading to learn how to recover data from a formatted PC and regain access to your lost files.

Data recovery after formatting: is it possible?

The widespread misconception is that once your files have been formatted, they cannot be recovered. To some extent, this is accurate. If the data hasn’t been erased, formatted data recovery is possible. After formatting a hard drive, the most frequent next action is to reinstall the operating system.

Even after formatting your laptop or computer, the data is still present on the hard drive, so if you haven’t reinstalled Windows, you still have a good chance of recovering it. This means that if you have a reliable hard disc recovery programme, you can recover the files from your formatted laptop or computer.

How can I get my info back from a formatted computer?

Utilize the software Data Recovery

To recover your data, you require specialised data recovery software. From all types of Windows-based internal and external storage systems, the Data Recovery for Windows software can recover lost, deleted, and formatted data.

Even after formatting your hard drive or reinstalling Windows, you can recover data from formatted hard drives using cutting-edge data recovery methods. You must use this programme once formatting is finished if you want to restore up to 100% of your data.

Your device will be searched by the software, which will then show you an organised preview of any data it finds and let you choose whatever items you want to recover.

How can I prevent data loss after formatting my computer?

Since a good backup is the best defence against data loss, it should come first on your recovery strategy. You run the danger of losing significant papers, priceless images, and configurations that you’ve spent a lot of effort creating if you don’t frequently create thorough backups. If you use Windows 10, you may create a backup in a number of different methods.

You may, for instance, use third-party tools to back up the entire system, manually copy data to an external drive, or upload them to a cloud storage service like OneDrive. If you don’t want to use manual methods or outside programmes, you may always create a complete backup using the outdated built-in System Image Backup function.

Save your files and avoid data loss!

Users generally perform a quick disc formatting on their PCs when a hard drive or storage media develops issues, such as when it becomes unreadable, won’t open, is inaccessible, or has useless data files on it.

Although this typically helps, it frequently simply eliminates the data that was stored on the disc, leaving the user with numerous lost files. Due to the fact that an external hard drive’s data can be replicated or relocated to another location for a backup, formatting an external hard drive is often quick and simple.

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