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How to set up and install a computer printer

A computer printer is an important output device and many people want to use it. If you have already decided to bought one, then you need to understand its working. Setting up and installation of computer printer can be an easy task if you read the given instructions below:

How computer printer works?

Computer printer has its utility and you should install software and drivers to make it work without any hassle. Printers generally come with the CD or you can download drivers and use them for printer installation.

One thing that you need to understand that all printers are different and it all depends on what brands do you have.

How to connect printer to the computer?

First of all, unpack printer from its box and read the instruction sheet that comes with printer.  This sheet explains the process of installation. You can use parallel port cable or a USB cable to connect the computer and printer and then connect the power plug and power outlet. Most of the people prefer using a USB cable. Once you are done with connecting computer and printer, you should use power button in order to turn on printer (you can find this power button on printer’s front).

Installation of printer:

You can install drivers and software of printer after turning it on. Every printer comes with this software and you need to use them to install printer in your OS.  Once everything is connected, you should turn on your computer and insert the CD. You can go on ‘My computer tab’ and double click on the CD drive. You can click on the setup and install file to make the further process easier.

Note: sometimes, you lost the CD or do not have disc driver, you need not to worry about it. You can find printer software online; you just need to download it.  You just need to go on the driver page of printer.  It is easy to download this software/driver and install it.

If you are using drivers, then just run the download and follow the instruction you see on your computer screen. It is just about following the installation wizard and complete the process. Once you are done with the process, you should test the printer.

Sometimes, you may find it hard to install these drivers as newer OS does not support older printers, so you should try finding the new version of OS drivers. This is how you can make the things work.


If you have bought printer and want to install it, then you should follow the above given instructions. You can do it by using CD comes with printer or you can download drivers online from the printer driver page of the manufacturer. Sometimes, you may find it hard to find newer printer driver version for newer operating system, but you can still find the solution for it. Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query.


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