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The much-anticipated Windows 11 is finally here. The bold new design and revamped features promise a new era of Windows. Microsoft has announced that it will continue Windows 10 till 2025 and then pull the plug on it. Are you still wondering whether you should upgrade to Windows 11? Our IT team from Perth has compiled a list of seven reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 11.

What’s new in Windows 11?

Windows 11 promises a smoother, easier interface that allows easy navigation. The new version sports a clean design with enhanced colour scales and rounded corners. The updated Microsoft store will enable you to integrate android apps with your PC. The addition of MS Teams and widgets to the taskbar, better virtual desktop settings, new Xbox features, snap layout etc., are among the exciting constituents of the Windows 11 package. This version of the OS aims to promote productivity.

Why should you upgrade to Windows 11?

The Windows 11 upgrade comes with a lot of updated features. If you have a compatible device with Windows 10 in it, you’ll receive the latest version as a free upgrade once Microsoft distributes it everywhere. You can check for updates in the Update & Security option in Settings.

Even if you’re eligible for the Windows 11 update, there can be hesitations in installing it since it’s a new version. You might be leaning more towards using the Windows 10 system till you make a solid decision. If you think upgrading to Windows 11 is unnecessary, here are seven reasons to change your mind.

1Revamped store

The Windows Store now allows applications with all frameworks. The updated revenue policy also will be more favourable towards the software developers. Does this mean anything for the average PC user? Yes. You’ll no longer have to be bothered by the scarcity of apps in the store. More high-quality games, movies, and apps await you.

2Gaming features

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you’ll absolutely love Windows 11. The update includes Automatic HDR and DirectStorage. You’ll be able to enjoy a next-level gaming experience with enhanced visuals and graphics. DirectStorage will help you load games lightning fast and have an obstacle-free, fun time. Microsoft has integrated the Xbox Game pass and subscription with the OS, granting you quick access to Xbox games. The changes to the Windows Store also points to the availability of more games.

3. Enhanced security options

Windows 11 is said to be the most secure version of the Windows series yet. Among the notable additions to Windows 11 were the requirements for your BIOS to have TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot. What do these mean? Secure boot makes sure that your computer boots up only using software that the original manufacturer trusts. TPM 2.0, short for Trust Module Version 2.0. makes your system even more secure by enabling features such as Windows Hello and BitLocker for identity protection and data protection, respectively. While these options were customisable earlier, in Windows 11, they’re present by default, adding a layer of protection.

4Improved user interface (UI)

A user interface that contains a centred taskbar and rounded corners is one of the main attractions of Windows 11. The release comes with a new desktop and revised “dark mode”, which promises less eye strain. Snap layouts that allow you to arrange apps on the screen, customisable widgets, support for multiple desktops, smoother navigation experience- the list is endless for features that make Windows 11 the most desirable product of Microsoft so far.

5Android compatibility

Have you been frustrated by the limitation of using TikTok or Snapchat on your PC? Well, Microsoft has heard your prayers and answered them generously. The windows 11 update has a partnership with the Amazon Appstore that lets you download and run android apps on your PC. You’ll now be able to use all your favourite android apps on your laptop and desktop.

6Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams has now become an essential tool with remote working. Also, as businesses expand clients outside their city, or even with clients within travelling distance, chats and video calls will become more common than in-person meetings. With the integration of Microsoft Teams chat into the taskbar, you can now connect faster with your Teams contacts.

7It’s free!

The biggest attraction of them all-the new Windows update is free. For all eligible Windows 10 users, Windows 11 will be available as a free upgrade. “Eligible” here refers to hardware requirements, such as the ones mentioned for security features. As per Microsoft’s statement, all the PCs you buy now should be compatible with the latest version of Windows. You can find all the answers to eligibility queries here.

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