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An overview of the MacBook Pro with the new M1 Chip

The MacBook Pro M1 is hailed to be another benchmark product from Apple. But as with all apples, it is important not to compare them with oranges. MacBook’s and PCs have different pros and cons that cater to different users. MacBook’s are often liked for their classy and streamlined appearance, high-performance rate, better customer service and having fewer problems with viruses.

Unfortunately, MacBooks also face some challenges where PCs take the win. Foremost is the price tag. You can buy a lower to mid-end PC for much less than you could a Mac. PCs are also easier to upgrade, something that is often very limited in MacBooks, and PCs have more software developed for them.

Ultimately, the choice between PC and Mac comes down to personal preferences and requirements.

Should you wish to have a Machine that can survive long periods on its battery and give the exemplary performance the MacBook Pro M1 might be what you are looking for. It also comes with an exceptional display and audio system.

What’s the M1 in the MacBook Pro M1?

The M1 is Apple’s own ARM-based SoC, a system built almost completely onto one Chip. This technology allows for a more compact, and power-efficient design, making the M1 ideal for travel. The downside to this is that upgrading the system is near impossible. Despite rumours arising from China that technicians have found ways of upgrading the MacBook Pro M1’s RAM and SSD components, the operation has a failure rate that would make any doctor cautious. The invasive procedure into the SoC system also breaches Apple’s warranty, a risk you should think twice about taking.

The need for speed

Look at any review site featuring the MacBook Pro and one comment keeps reappearing, the MacBook Pro is fast. This is not by chance, in addition to the M1 Chip, other features include 8GB RAM and 256 GB SSD Storage. This results in fast processing and decent storage space.

Typically 8GB Ram is installed in entry-level notebooks. However, with the MacBook Pro’s 8-core CPU, Apple seems to have a winning combination to speed up processing, giving 2.8 times faster performance. The 8-Core CPU also brings 5 Times faster graphics and it shows in the reviews.

The MacBook Pro has been tested for gaming and users found it to be sufficient to run mainstream games even at higher resolutions.

When not playing, the system is also good for working. The Superfast SSD allows for instant app launch and file opening, ideal for business people.

Batteries that keep you going

Users who have tested the MacBook Pro all seem to attest to its exemplary battery life. This is a feature well-suited to people who have to work while on the go and do not have reliable access to charging facilities.

Upon inspection, the battery life usually ranges from 16 to 20 hours, depending on usage variables. If used conservatively the Macbook Pro has been shown to last just over twenty-four hours. A full day’s battery life is an impressive feat that sets the MacBook Pro M1 apart from many competing devices. Comparing Apples to Apples, the MacBook Pro M1 outperforms other Macs by 25%.

What about the display?

When looking at the display options for the MacBook Pro M1 there are now three options to choose from: the original 13-inch, a slightly bigger 14-inch and finally the luxurious 16-inch display.

The 13-inch is ideal for normal browsing and writing requirements. With a 2560×1600 resolution, it gives a clear, high-quality display. Users who have reviewed the product seem to be satisfied with the result.

However, for photo editing, a bigger screen will be required. The 14-ich screen with 3024×1964 resolution could be an ideal balance between portability and functionality. Professional editors and photographers might have to compromise the very compact design of the smaller models and opt for the larger 16-inch display with a 3456×2234 resolution.

The Camera of the Mac book pro

Various users have complained that the camera quality of the MacBook Pro is not the best. The 720p FaceTime camera was a disappointment to many who hoped for something better. Depending on user requirements, it should suffice for features like Zoom. If a better quality camera is desired, webcams can be acquired at additional expense.


Improving on some of Mac’s older models, the MacBook Pro comes with USB support. The 14-inch and 16-inch models come with twin Thunderbolt 4 (USB-C) ports, while the 13-inch is equipped with two Thunderbolt (USB 4) ports.

If more USB ports are required or if an external device doesn’t connect to this port, an adapter can be used.

Other notes about the Mac book pro

  • The macOS operating system is popular with users for being streamlined and maintenance-free.
  • AS far as sound is concerned, reviews attest to good sound quality.
  • The keyboard and trackpad are well placed and comfortable to use.
  • The MacBook Pro features both Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The device features a Touch ID sensor, allowing for security with quick access to your device without needing to enter a password.
  • For people with disabilities, there are various accessibility options available.
  • The sleek design and a classy Silver or Space-Grey finish gives the Mac Pro a professional appearance.


The MacBook Pro with the M1 Chip is a powerful tool suitable for a wide variety of needs. Important things to keep in mind when considering a MacBook Pro includes the price. Prices can start at $1,299.00 for the 13-inch and go up to $2,400.00 for the 16-inch, depending on the country where it is bought.

Before buying a Mac it is also a good idea to confirm whether the software you intend to use will run on the Mac Operating System.

Whether you buy a Mac or choose to use another System, it is important to keep your individual needs in mind. The MacBook Pro has received many great reviews, but it is not a one-size-fits-all solution and some users may prefer something more traditional.

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