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Apple Extends its Repair Program for AirPods Pro

Back in October 2019, Apple, which is the biggest tech company in the world, launched its top-of-the-line headphones called AirPods Pro. They came with a unique design, better sound quality, and multiple advanced features such as ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) and transparency mode. Apple also made these headphones water and sweat-resistant, which made them one of the best choices for fitness enthusiasts. However, some AirPod Pro users reported some problems right after the launch.


Problems with AirPod Pro

Two of the most common problems that AirPods Pro users reported are faulty active noise cancellation function and crackling or static sounds while using the headphones in loud environments. In order to deal with these problems, Apple officially published some quick fixes that people could use.

Steps to Fix Faulty AirPods Pro

If you’re facing the crackling or static sounds with their AirPods Pro can use the following steps to fix the problems.

  • Update your Mac, iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone to the latest software that you’re using with your AirPod Pro headphones.
  • Make sure that the device you’re using is in the close vicinity of your AirPods Pro
  • There should be no wireless interference between your AirPods Pro and your connected Apple Device.
  • Use multiple apps to make sure whether it’s a problem with AirPods Pro or the application.

You can try these steps to see if your problems are fixed. If not, then you’ll need to avail yourself of the AirPods Pro repair program.

Repair Program by Apple For AirPods Pro

After receiving so many complaints from its customers, Apple introduced a free repair program after a year of the launch date of the AirPods Pro. The company announced that all the users having issues with their headphones could avail free repair services for 2 years after the purchase date. So, in simple words, the product warranty increased by 1 year. It undoubtedly helped countless customers, and because of the sheer number of repair requests, Apple now has extended the duration of its free repair services.

The New Deadline

Apple has recently made some changes in its documentation for the repair program. Instead of 2 years, the program now offers free repair services for three years (until October 2022). It’s important to note that only the AirPods Pro headphones with the following problems are eligible for free repair services.

  • Static or crackling sounds that increase in intensity while exercising or communicating on the phone in loud environments.
  • Active noise cancelling problems such as high-intensity background noises or poor quality bass sound.

All the users experiencing these issues in their AirPods Pro can avail themselves of free repair services from any authorized service provider. It’s also important to note that your AirPods Pro will be thoroughly examined to make sure whether they’re eligible for the free repair services or not. So, you should only take them to your nearest Apple authorized provider if you’re experiencing any of the problems mentioned above.

The Process of Services

Your (right, left, or both) AirPods Pro will be replaced by new ones once the problems are confirmed. However, the case of your headphones won’t be replaced because it’s not affected by any of the issues discussed above. You can choose any of the following options if you want to get the AirPods Pro free repair services.

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