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Zoom to Offer Real-Time Translation for Video Calls After Buying Startup

Communication is imperative for any company and community to survive. The global and local economy also relies heavily on effective and quick communication. During the pandemic, Zoom became the leading platform of choice for people to continue working, doing business, and virtually interacting with each other. There was one problem that was evident in this arrangement, however.

On zoom video calls, there is no way to understand what someone is saying if they speak a different language from yours. It is a horrible feeling to attend a meeting where you do not understand what is being said and are unable to communicate with the other party. In these cases, you would rely on a human translator.

However, listening to a translator feels like secondhand information. Information is not expressed with the same authenticity and uniqueness as that of the original speaker. Using human translators is not a viable solution. It is both costly and inefficient. Therefore, Zoom decided that users could benefit from a new feature that offers real-time translation for video calls.

Partnering with other companies

After acquiring the Germain Translation company Kites, the Zoom will be able to offer real-time translation for video calls. The idea behind this new enhancement is for zoom to provide its users with multi-language capabilities. This will mak zoom the application of choice for international exchanges.

Advantages of real-time translation for video calls

The ability to break down language barriers during video calls is the main advantage and attraction for this feature. First of all, this translation will happen in real-time as the video call goes on using subtitles for over 12 languages. It is still not clear which languages will be included in the first release of this feature. The much-anticipated feature is set to make Zoom a better application compared to its competitors. Zoom is set to continue being the leader in its industry with this new feature.

This groundbreaking technology is designed to transcribe what the speaker is saying into text. After that, it will convert it to another language. It is a phenomenal technology, and it means that the world will really become a small village where each person can speak their language of choice and we all still understand each other.

Increasing meeting productivity and efficiency

This new real-time translation feature will increase meeting productivity and efficiency as there won’t be a need for a human translator and the meeting participants will be able to share ideas and convey their thoughts directly to one another. This will mean that in Zoom meetings where the participants or audience speak different languages, communication will be clear, fast, and accurate.

Zoom to be more user friendly

This feature will also not only make Zoom even more user-friendly, but it will also make Zoom the preferred platform to hold meetings especially for companies with international branches where the employees do not necessarily speak the same language.

Increased global collaboration

The introduction of this feature is the beginning of more machine learning features that Zoom intends to introduce to its platform. This multilingual solution to the communication channel will allow a flow of ideas and open more global business opportunities. People across the world will be able to discuss business ideas and close off business deals and transactions hassle-free without fear of miscommunication. Most companies will also be more likely to open their doors to international business and be able to hire employees from across the globe.

The new Zoom feature will also be beneficial to freelancers who are looking for work on international platforms. They will be able to have a meeting and showcase their work and sell their services to people who speak a different language. It will be a great platform for collaborative work and the sharing of thoughts and ideas.

No need for human translators

Another angle to look at here is the financial angle. Companies will not need to hire human translators, will therefore be able to cut down on costs. Not only that, given that a translator will only be able to translate a few languages, the ability to translate across 12 languages as a start on the Zoom platform is a game-changer for any business. Removing the middleman also means that messages will not be lost in translation.


In the business world, buyer confidence increase when both the buyer and the seller are fully aware of the terms and conditions of the purchase. With the Moon translation feature, any concerns will be thoroughly discussed, and any issues the buyer has will be ironed out. This new feature will improve the user experience for everybody on zoom, and it will be particularly beneficial to those with hearing impairments.

Zoom’s new real-time translation feature will break down geographical and language barriers and create a level playing field especially when it comes to video conferences and business meetings.

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