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Repairing Computers for Over 19Years!


Whatever the problem with your computer – software, hardware, a virus, spyware or malware – we offer to repair it. We can install new components and software as required and provide ongoing support and maintenance to both home and business users. Our mobile technicians can help you at your home or business with no call-out fee, only quote fixed pricing, and if we can’t fix it there is no fee! Other than computer problems, you’ve got nothing to lose!


We fix, deal & partner with all major computer brands

computer repair


Eliminate your computer challenges with smart solutions.

Don’t let your slow computer, network downtime or cybersecurity breaches bring your business to a halt. The Tech4service I.T computer repairs team has the solutions you need to stay up and running – efficiently and securely.


PC Crashing or Freezing

Often when your computer is crashing or freezing, the cause may be a hardware conflict, corrupt software or faulty drivers. You may well have a virus problem if you are getting annoying pop-ups appearing when surfing the internet or your programs just don’t seem to be acting the way they use to


PC not Booting or Blue Screen

If your computer will not open up properly or gives you error messages like a blue screen, Tech4service’s I.T will be able to get to the source of the problem and fix it.


Virus or Spyware

One of the most annoying problems with computers are virus attacks. We can install compatible anti-virus software and protective firewalls and attempt to repair any damage your computer might have sustained from the virus or spyware. We can have your laptop or PC up and running within a few hours in most cases.


Upgrading Hardware on PC and Laptops

We can replace damaged hardware or upgrade your hard drive, motherboards, modems, routers, graphics and sound cards and all other components on most makes of PC and laptops.


Setting Up a Network

At a higher level, Tech4service’s I.T services can undertake to design and set up, and thereafter, manage and maintain a network system.


Custom Built PC Repair

Tech4service’s offers repairs to your custom-built or professionally built PC no matter what the problem is. We will diagnose and repair the machine. If the PC is still under warranty, we are happy to just diagnose the issue so that you can return the faulty part.


Retrieval of Lost Data

We can attempt to retrieve lost or corrupted data. We offer advice on backup systems to prevent re-occurrence of lost data.

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